Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer

FASTER's ColdFAST M-series gives you the highest level of sample protection with sustainability, noise reduction and energy efficiency.

The dual cooling system takes over the function of the other compressor in case of a failure to keep the temperature stable at -70°C. Thanks to the two compressors, the unit needs only 3 hours to cool down from +25°C to -80°C.

By integrating newly developed, highly efficient fan motors and VIP+Hybrid insulation, the M-Series minimises energy consumption. This helps to lower operating costs and reduce the ecological footprint. A special feature of the M series is the exclusive use of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon (HC) as a refrigerant, which meets modern standards for environmentally conscious and resource-saving refrigeration technology.

The M series has a clear focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and safety for your samples. 

The M-Series is available in the following sizes: 398l, 528l, 678l, 778l, 858l and 1008l.

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  • Multiple door seals reduce the loss of cold air in the compartments.
  • Highly efficient and highly reliable cooling fans can save energy and reduce the freezer's power consumption by 40%.
  • The fans have extremely durable bearings.
  • The high-efficiency compressor, separate evaporator, composite heat exchangers, optimised break condensation and separation system, and high-performance thermal insulation system save energy.
  • The low-noise direct cooling circuit with suspension frame and sound-absorbing compartment feature a low-noise fan that reduces the noise generated by the entire freezer to the greatest extent possible. This means that the M-series only produces a noise level of 50 to a maximum of 54 Db(A).
  • Enclosure insulation with vacuum panels: foamed in polyurethane, 130 mm thick.
  • Inner casing with rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Sturdy castors with 2 height-adjustable locking feet.
  • Multiple alarm functions including over-temperature alarm, under-temperature alarm, sensor fault, battery discharge, high ambient temperature, power failure etc.
  • 7" touch screen with user-friendly interface.
  • USB port for reading out temperature data.
  • Password protection (preset) against unauthorised adjustment of parameters.
  • Best recovery time on the market (30 min with door open for 1 min).
  • Housing made of painted sheet steel.

Control system

Reliable performance

  • The temperature in the refrigeration compartment of the ultra-low freezer can reach -86°C with uniformity within 5°C
  • Wide range of operating voltage from 200V to 240V allowing the units to be used in areas with poor power supply 

Temperature / cooling system

  • Microprocessor control system for a control range from -40°C to -86°C in steps of 1°C
  • Freezer system designed and manufactured under best practice and components of the highest possible quality

Ventilation technology from EBM Papst

  • Reliability test performed and passed on all models, including ageing test on control electronics at 85°C and 85% relative humidity
  • Special design of the control system for a well-balanced cascade freezing system

Protective devices

  • UL and CE certified for application safety
  • The operating data of system settings, alarm data and temperature data can be recorded every 5 minutes and the data can be stored for up to 10 years. This allows the running status of the product to be effectively recorded over the long term.
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures from 16°C up to 32°C
  • Dual compressor: If one of the compressors fails, another compressor can continue to cool and protect the stored samples to -70ºC.
  • Input voltage and ambient temperature are displayed simultaneously to facilitate monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Lockable door handle and/or individual key prevent other freezer owners from accessing your valuable samples. There is also space for an additional padlock for extra security. 
  • CO2 safety system including controller, alarm backup and CO2 valve


  • 7'' HD touch screen to display all necessary information
  • Can add multiple user accounts to log in and record usage/operating data
  • Optional features such as card unlock, fingerprint unlock and facial recognition unlock are available to facilitate quick access to samples.
  • Comprehensive security system
  • 72h battery back-up: battery backup for printer and microprocessor with touch screen
  • Stainless steel hinges: Solid hinges on the doors
  • Double compressor for even more safety
  • Reinforced shelves: For maximum weight loading, height adjustable
  • PT 1000 temperature sensor: In stainless steel protective housing
  • Remote alarm: Connection to on-site BMS
  • USB interface
  • Vacuum release: Port for vacuum release
  • Pre-filter: Easy to change


  • Circular chart recorder: For temperature permanently built into the control panel. With standard power supply for permanent operation by battery (mains-independent). The exchangeable diagram charts are suitable for 24 h or for 7 days. The actual value temperature is written on the diagram disc with a black fibre pen. Temperature measurement in the interior.
  • Storage Racks: Optional ergonomically designed racks for easy storage; Available in different sizes.
  • CO2 backup system
Model Type DW-HL398M DW-HL528M DW-HL678M DW-HL778M DW-HL858M DW-HL1008M
Cooling performance (°C) -86 -86 -86 -86 -86 -86
Temp. range (°C) -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86
Power supply (V/Hz) 200-240/50 200-240/50 200-240/50 200-240/50q 200-240/50 200-240/50
Power (W) 1400 1300 1410 1380 1640 1725
Electricity (A) 11,1 11,1 12,1 11,8 11,5 12,1
Power consumption (KWh/24h) 9,2 9,5 10,3 10,0 11,5 12,3
Volume (Db(A)) 50 50 51 51 51 54
Capacity(l) 398 528 678 778 858 1008
Net/gross weight (ca.) (kg) 251/289 251/289 336/383 359/403 390/470 430/510
Inner dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 440 x 696 x 1266 585 x 696 x 1266 750 x 696 x 1286 865 x 696 x 1286 877 x 696 x 1378 1022 x 696 x 1378
Outer dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 786 x 1040 x 1947 931 x 1040 x 1947 1093 x 1025 x 1955 1205 x 1025 x 1955 1220 x 1028 x 1994 1365 x 1028 x 1994