for pharmaceutical use

Quality, process and documentation safety!

The introduction of a new drug on the market is a very time-consuming process that has to go through various milestones. These milestones place different requirements on specifications throughout the development process. One of the most demanding process steps is the approval of the finished drug. CARLO ERBA Reagents is your partner for all these steps with all the documents required for the registration process!


With more than 500 products that can be used as starting materials, intermediates or reagents, the ERBApharm® product line covers a wide range of reagents, salts and solvents. Their specifications correspond to the requirements of the main pharmacopoeia or the strict sales specifications.

Our extensive portfolio includes

  • Solvents
  • Acids, bases and solutions in various concentrations
  • Water and alcohols
  • Starches and sugars
  • Inorganic and organic substances
  • Mixtures

Based on the latest version of the ISO 9001 quality system, we deliver the documentation and quality that is required for your end products. ERBApharm® traceability is guaranteed by specific procedures:

  • Production batch report
  • Batch number
  • Expiration date
  • Traceability of the raw material
  • Analysis according to critical specification parameters of each batch


Xcipharm ™

Compliance with the IPEC quality system GMP and GDP ensures that your products have all the necessary documentation for the registration of their auxiliary materials with the health authorities. The quality system audits the suppliers of raw materials that are used as reagents for the auxiliary materials.

The traceability of the Xcipharm ™ products is guaranteed by specific procedures:

  • Batch report
  • Traceability of the raw material
  • Complete analysis for each batch
  • Stability studies


Carlo Erba Reagents' Tailor Made Service is also available for the production of tailor-made solutions for the ERBApharm® and Xcipharm ™ product lines!