FlowFAST IVF in vitro fertilization workbench

FlowFAST IVF workbench is constructed especially for use in fertilization laboratories for research in human and animal reproduction. Controlled work environment is most essential in view of the complexity of the processes. This comprises hygienic conditions in order to minimize microbial contamination risks, a heated work surface for preserving life of biological material as well as a device for microscopes.

In the FlowFAST IVF the air is sucked from the top of the bench and directed through HEPA-filters. The filtered air is then directed in an unidirectional laminar airflow into the work area before being delivered back to the ambience through the front opening.

  • The heated work surface holds constant temperature of 37ºC ± 0.4ºC. The temperature of the work surface is constantly displayed at the operation board and may be easily adjusted at the regulator.
  • An optional microscope attachment device is available upon request.
  • An optional warming block for storage of test samples can be lowered from the top, avoiding steady movement of the sensible samples.
  • The interior of the workbench is made of stainless steel which makes cleaning easy. The interior surfaces do not rust, no swarfs and do not generate particles.
  • The ergonomically constructed work surface with bent front edge offers maximum user comfort.
  • The built-in 5000k fluorescent tube, warm white, with electronic ballast offers excellent illumination of the work surface, minimizes rapid fatigue of the user and is gentle to the eyes. The reliable lighting system is rapid-start type and flicker-free.
  • The perforated filter diffusor, buit-in on all models, protects the filter and increases uniformity of airflow.
  • The FlowFAST IVF workbench offers air cleanliness of ISO class 3 within the work zone, as per ISO 14644.1, considerably cleaner than ordinary class 5 classification of workbenches which are offered by competitors.
  • High-quality HEPA filters are fitted with the advanced minipleat separator technology which increases the filter surface, increases the efficiancy and the filter lifetime. The filters have a separation rate of >99.995% referred to 0.1 to 0.3 µm particles, thus offering superior product protection, contrary to common HEPA filters.
  • An additional pre-filter already traps bigger particles from the suction air, preventing them from reaching the main filter, which protects the main filter and increases the lifetime. The pre-filters can be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.


Also available as a microbiological safety cabinet - SafeFAST IVF


Model Typ FlowFAST IVF 1.2 m FlowFAST IVF 1.5 m EFlowFAST IVF 1.8 m
Standards EN61010-1, EN ISO 14644-1 EN61010-1, EN ISO 14644-1 EN61010-1, EN ISO 14644-1
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 1332 × 1495 × 780 1637 × 1495 x 780 1942 × 1495 × 780
Useful Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 1190 × 710 × 625 1495 × 710 × 625 1800 × 710 × 625
Downflow (m/s) 0.45 0.45 0.45
Electrical Data 1Ph+E – 230 V 50 hz 1Ph+E – 230 V 50 hz 1Ph+E – 230 V 50 hz