The PCR FAST cabinet is designed for clean operations with DNA samples. UV-Cabinet provide protection against contamination. Model is a bench-top type, made of metal framework, plexiglas walls and working surface painted with powder enamel.

The cabinet is equipped with an UV lamp, installed in the upper hood. UV-radiation disinfects the working area inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during 15 – 30 min of exposure. A digital timer controls the duration of the direct UV irradiation. A daylight lamp provides proper illumination of the working surface.

Advantages of PCR FAST

  • Ozone free high density UV decontamination
  • Long living UV lamps (10.000 hours average)
  • Automatic switch off of UV-lamps when the protective screen is opened
  • Low noise, low energy consumption
Model Type PCR FAST
Standards EN61010-1
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 727 x 960 x 620
Useful Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 700 x 550 x 600