Custom-made for you!

Application-specific purity

Depending on customer-specific requirements, CARLO ERBA Reagents can adapt the purity of your products.

Your advantage

  • Batch reservation
  • Distillation
  • Purification


Safety stocks

With our service for storing your batch on our premises, you can avoid large stocks at your location.


CARLO ERBA Reagents can produce any type of solution and composition for you on a scale from 2.5 L to several tons. This service means time savings for you, minimization of risks in the production of the solutions and documentation in accordance with the current legal situation.

  • Specific mixtures of solvents (organic or water-based)
  • Buffered, acidified phases
  • Reagents for biotechnology
  • Solutions for titration
  • Reagents for TOC analyzers
  • Standards for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS (mono- or multi-elements)


After a technical study to validate the feasibility, a customer-specific offer is created and a pre-production test is carried out. Your products are filled in kegs, reusable stainless steel kegs or disposable containers and sent together with the certificate of analysis.

Individual packaging

For us, flexibility means: chemicals are produced regularly or at the customer's request, then packed in the container of your choice and checked according to the requirements of our quality system.

  • Bottles, barrels, buckets, reusable containers made of PP, glass, stainless steel, metal from a few ml to several tons
  • Inorganic or organic products, liquid or solid
  • Customized labeling, weighed and portioned


Quality control

Our quality control is based on the risk management of technical systems and production facilities, qualification of facilities, process control, cleaning procedures and analysis methods.

Independent of production, our quality control manages the documentation on traceability, change control and periodic monitoring.


Specific quality controls

With the extensive know-how of the CARLO ERBA Reagents quality control team, not only the generally required tests for your product, but also the requirements of your own test laboratory can be fulfilled.