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CARLO ERBA Reagents meets the most varied of market requirements through flexible production in which mixers up to 7000 liters, distillation units, storage tanks and automated packaging units are used. Standardized processes and highly qualified employees as well as constant controls in production and packaging form the base for our quality promise.

Must haves for your lab!

RS - reagents specifically designed for specific applications and techniques

  • Atrasol®
    For trace analysis, especially for the investigation of pollutants or volatile hydrocarbons in environmental analysis - in accordance with ISO 9377-2
  • Pestipur®
    For the preparation of samples, especially for the extraction of pesticides and determination by means of GC
  • Spectrosol®
    Solvent with high optical clarity for use in UV spectroscopy, but also for other spectroscopic methods such as infrared and fluorescence
  • Anhydrous
    For synthesis in anhydrous medium and for special column chromatography
  • LC-MS
    For use in LC-MS, filtered at 0.1 µm, low metal content
  • HPLC Plus, GOLD, Gradient and Ultragradient
    For the HPLC gradient analysis with a perfect baseline. The HPLC GOLD chemicals are also cleaned with a 0.1 µm filter and are therefore adapted for analysis with the UHPLC.
  • HPLC preparative
    For sample preparation using column chromatography. Low content of non-volatile components and adapted to the optical transmission criteria
  • MOS / RSE / VLSI
    For use in microelectronics with a controlled metal content in the range of ppm, ppb and ppt
  • Agrolimentary
    Ready-to-use reagents for food analysis with specifications according to international standards
  • Ultrapure
    For the analysis of trace metals in ppt
  • Superpure
    For the analysis of trace metals in ppb
  • Histology
    For anathomopathological analysis
  • Idrimeter®
    Reagent kits for water analysis

RPE - reagents especially for analysis - ACS-Reag.PH.EUR.-Reag. USP - especially for the control of raw materials or pharmaceutical finished products

    Concentrated solutions for analysis



RE - reagents in technical quality

  • Pure
    For synthesis
  • Puro
    For organic synthesis





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