Extras Isolator technology
Glove testing system

Glove testing system with Wi-Fi + RFID

Isolator gloves are exposed to significant mechanical stress, meaning there is a particularly great risk that they will develop localised defects. GMP guidelines for sterile manufacturing state that gloves should be regularly tested. 

With CARLO ERBA Reagents, glove testing is straightforward. Using our software-assisted glove testing system, you can carry out a fast and efficient pressure drop test on the gloves built into your pharmaceutical equipment, directly in the isolator or RABS. Simply insert the testing device into the port. Once the glove and port have been automatically recognised, the device will carry out a differential pressure test. The data and results will be transferred via Wi-Fi to database-assisted storage and can be accessed centrally for inspection and documentation purposes. All necessary tests can be carried out locally and simultaneously.

Operating the system is simple thanks to a user-friendly design, computer-assisted data acquisition and Wi-Fi data transmission. Regain valuable production time for your equipment!

General information

Wi-Fi interface
Wireless glove testing with GITS® software

Simultaneous and parallel testing
Save time by testing more than 35 gloves at once

Reliable detection of even the smallest holes
Detect holes under 100 μm within the same short measuring times

Rapid testing of glove integrity
Total test time of just 8–15 minutes depending on glove material

Simple in-situ testing in the isolator or RABS
No risk to glove integrity through attachment and removal or mishandling

Mobile and flexible system
Extremely mobile thanks to compact, wireless design

Size, shape, configuration and material can be adapted to individual requirements

Suitable for clean rooms
IP64 certified and equipped with an easy-to-replace 0.3 μm filter for air intake

Simple cleaning and sterilisation
Hygienic surface design with minimal grooves and edges

Digital information screen
Pressure, battery status, and measurement information and results are clearly displayed

Intuitive operation
Interface uses a simple two-button system

cGMP-compliant testing
Glove integrity testing follows GMP guidelines

Customisable measuring reports
Reports can be automatically printed or electronically stored

Long service life
Validate your entire machine without interruptions for charging or battery changes

Automatic fixing and sealing of glove port
Electronic control via pneumatically filled rubber seal

Slim, ergonomic design
2.5 cm housing diameter for manual initial filling and 5 cm housing diameter for automated glove filling

Additional functions

Automatic glove filling
Integrated glove pump means no additional air pressure connection needed
Alternatively, use manual initial filling via inbuilt filling valve in handle

Port and glove recognition
Automated machine validation and tracking of glove life cycle via integrated RFID technology

Port recognition software
Ensures glove testing traceability, particularly useful for large isolators or RABS;
Automatically assigns measurement data to a position associated with a glove shoulder ring in the measuring report and on the screen;
Fully automated machine validation

Glove recognition software
Monitors the glove fixing process
Can predict any potential defects in the glove
Automatically tracks glove service life

Easy to replace, internal or external battery available

Our service

  • Customer-specific glove testing parameters
  • Qualification services (IQ, OQ and more)
  • Regular servicing and maintenance of glove testing equipment and accessories
  • Wi-Fi location analysis and Wi-Fi installation planning

Selected accessories

  • Glove filling pistol or portable pharma pump
  • Transport and storage trolley
  • Single charging station or 5-port charging device
  • Gloves (CSM, EPDM, ISOflex and more)
  • Glove ports