Microbiological Safety Workbenches
SafeFAST Light

The small one - with a work surface of 0.7m width.
The SafeFAST Light microbiological safety cabinet is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the European standard EN 12469:2000. Despite its compactness, the SafeFAST Light offers all safety requirements to ensure the highest product and personal protection.

Product advantages at a glance:

  • Energy consumption <281 W
  • Low noise level <56 dB(A)
  • Compact design for small scale applications
  • Hinged front visor for optimal cleaning
  • Stainless steel rear wall and work surface
  • Side walls of safety glass
  • Multi-function display with PLC control

Main applications

FASTER safety cabinets have been developed, among other things, for GMP-compliant production with hazardous substances.

  • Microbiology
  • Virology
  • Haematology
  • Cell cultures
  • Genetics

Operation principle

  • 70 % recirculating air via main HEPA Filter H14
  • 30 % via exhaust HEPA Filter H14

Standard equipment

  • Hinged front visor for optimal cleaning
  • 1 electric socket
Model Type SafeFAST Light 0.7 m
Standards EN12469, EN61010-1
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 830 × 980 × 650
Useful Dimensions (W×H×D, mm) 732 × 600 × 380
Inflow (m/s) 0.45
Downflow (m/s) 0.35
Electrical Data 1Ph+E – 230 V 50 hz

Support stands

Support stand with castor wheels

  • Two standard heights available: 800mm or 950 mm
  • Durable polyurethane wheels with 360° rotation
  • Break system at the front wheels

Support stand with adjustable feet

  • Two standard heights available: 800 mm or 950 mm

Cabinet accessories

Electric socket and media connections

  • Electric sockets, Europe / Worldwide
  • Media connections (Compressed air, Gas, Vacuum, etc.)
  • Europe / Worldwide model DIN 12898, DIN 12919, DIN 3537

UV Lamp

  • Controlled by an automatic UV-timer via the microprocessor supported control panel.
  • Radiation of 253.7 Nm allows high-efficient decontamination
  • The lamp is mounted outside the view line of the user for good and safe radiation of the inner surfaces of the work zone.

Attention: Please observe the safety measures for your personnel when using the UV lamp. A UV lamp is not a substitution for good and effective cleaning and the effective lifetime is limited normally to 12 months, depending on the total number of operation hours. Replace the UV lamp every 12 months.

Ergonomic foot rest

  • Inclined, supports a good posture
  • Adjustable height
  • Anti-slide coating, chemical resistance

Ergonomic laboratory chair

  • Laboratory-suitable construction
  • Corresponds to cleanroom class 100
  • Alcohol-resistant PVC material
  • Adjustable height 395-490 mm

Microbiological Safety Workbench SafeFAST Light

Multi-function display