Industry experience

CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH in Germany has specialized in the sale of isolators, microbiological safety workbenches, chemicals, personnel and material airlocks and other laboratory equipment.

Our devices, consumables and services are required in the following industries, among others:

Research laboratories

There are numerous research applications that require clean air, particle containment, or both. Our Class II double filter microbiological safety cabinets, now available also with bypass exhaust systems, are used in cancer research laboratories around the world.

Class III microbiological safety cabinets are useful for all research into highly contagious diseases, including military installations dealing with defense against chemical and biological attack.

There are numerous research activities where the air must be practically particle-free. For these applications, we offer various safety cabinets with horizontal and vertical unidirectional airflow.

Other research activities require a controlled atmosphere, either low in oxygen, low in humidity, or both. For these activities we offer special isolators with a controlled atmosphere.


The microbiological safety cabinets are often used in pathology, microbiology and hematology to protect users from infections when processing tissue samples, blood and toxic substances.

For many years we have been distributing isolators for the hospital pharmacy, in which medicines are mixed and prepared for the patients. Under no circumstances should these drugs be contaminated microbiologically or with particles. These can be overpressure isolators if the main requirement is product protection, or negative pressure isolators if the user also needs to be protected against possible contamination from cell-damaging drugs of unknown toxicity.

Lead-lined insulators are used for handling radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine.


For this market, our entire range of standard class I, II and III microbiological safety cabinets is suitable in the larger versions for robot-controlled sampling.

We are happy to offer you special isolators made of different materials such as stainless steel or plastic, which can be used in connection with bioreactors and other biotechnology devices.