Green chemistry
The future of chemistry

We are pleased to introduce you to a topic that is particularly close to our hearts at CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH - Green Chemistry. As a leading supplier of high-quality chemicals, we are always striving to make our products and processes more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH, we are committed to integrating Green Chemistry into all our activities. We focus on innovative solutions to develop environmentally friendly chemicals and make our production processes more sustainable. It is about finding sustainable alternatives that ensure human health and safety while minimizing environmental impact. These include:

Sustainable raw materials.
We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our raw materials are sustainably sourced. This includes using renewable resources and minimizing waste and by-products.

Energy efficiency
We invest in modern technologies and infrastructure to reduce energy consumption in our production facilities. By using energy-efficient processes, we can not only cut costs but also reduce our CO2 emissions.

Waste minimization and recycling
We optimize our production processes to minimize waste and recycle reusable materials. In this way, we help reduce the consumption of natural resources and lower our environmental impact.

Product innovation
We continuously research new products and technologies that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our teams of experts work closely with customers and research institutions to develop new solutions that meet Green Chemistry requirements.

We are proud to already have a variety of environmentally friendly products in our portfolio. These range from organic and inorganic reagents to solvents and catalysts. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for both academic and industrial applications.

As a company, we strive to be at the forefront of developing and promoting Green Chemistry. We are committed to a sustainable future in which chemical processes are more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.

To provide you with an even better overview of our offerings, our website also includes subpages where you can search for specific products. These subpages include:

  • Reagents for organic synthesis: here you will find a wide range of organic reagents that can be used in organic synthesis.
  • Inorganic salts: discover a variety of inorganic salts for different applications and research areas.
  • High purity solvents: this page offers you a selection of high purity solvents for precise and sensitive experiments.
  • Catalysts for organic synthesis: learn more about our catalysts specifically designed for organic syntheses to accelerate reactions and improve yields.

To learn more about our environmentally friendly Green Chemistry products and solutions, contact our dedicated team.