The GloveFAST cRABS (restricted-access barrier system) is a restricted-access isolator system. It is used in many industries where a controlled atmosphere is required - for example in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical or electrical engineering industries.

FASTER GloveFAST cRABS correspond to the current state of the art and are classified as active cRABs.

For aseptic filling in a clean and safe environment


  • Reliable protection for operator, product and process
  • Physical barrier between operator and product
  • Providing laminar airflow in cleanroom class A (ISO 5) within a class B (ISO 7) area ensures process protection
  • Airflow optimized barrier design
  • Integrated glove system for process intervention
  • High quality construction
  • Airlock technology
  • Designed according to GMP guidelines, FASTER GloveFAST cRABS are manufactured in premium quality in Italy
  • Up to 500 kg load capacity in the working chamber
  • Working chamber depth 1000 mm
  • Working chamber height 1000 mm
  • Working chamber width up to 2.2 m available