Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer
King of cool

Haier ultra-low freezers are characterised by their low energy consumption, highly efficient fan motors and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant. Unlike standard compressors, Haier ultra-low refrigerators have built-in variable-speed conversion compressors. Thus, the cooling capacity adapts to the internal and external conditions.


Ultra-low freezers should not only cool reliably, but also save you money. With the HAIER ultra-low freezers, you now have a real king of cold. It performs at the highest level. Despite its inner size, it takes up very little space. The progressive closing system in combination with the 5-fold seal is unique on the market, as is the best insulation in its class.

CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH gives guarantees on components and energy efficiency. Compressor safety is guaranteed as standard. The ultra-low refrigerators have the lowest power consumption in comparison and meet all contemporary environmental requirements. With HAIER ultra-low freezers you make the right decision when it comes to ice cold. HAIER freezers consume the least amount of energy in the class of large ULT freezers. These new models use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon as a refrigerant and high-efficiency fan motors to maximise the system's cooling capacity and save energy. With high safety for samples, the new design offers the opportunity for energy and cost savings for laboratories.