Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer
Cooling at the highest level

Discover our new ultra-low freezers - The M-Series and the S-Series!

We are pleased to introduce our latest innovations in ultra-low profile refrigerators. Our M-Series and S-Series offer top performance and flexibility for your cooling needs.

Both series are the perfect choice for reliable and cost-efficient deep-freezing and set a new standard in energy efficiency and flexibility.

We are proud to have added these two outstanding series to our range and are happy to share our expertise with you. If you have any further questions or need advice for future purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Don't miss the chance to take your cooling needs to the next level. Discover the M-Series and S-Series today!

M-Serie VS. S-Serie

ColdFAST M series
The ColdFAST M series is the ideal choice for reliable deep-freezing in laboratories and research facilities. With a single cascade system driven by 2 compressors, they achieve a constant -86°C. Even if one compressor fails, a temperature of -70°C is still maintained. With a 7" display and a temperature range of -86°C, the M-Series is the perfect option for research projects that require a safe and stable cooling environment.

  • Reliable deep cooling: With a single cascade system and 2 compressors, the M-Series provides reliable cooling down to -86°C.
  • Cost-effective: The M-Series offers a cost-effective option for laboratories and research facilities that require stable cooling.
  • Wide temperature range: Even if one compressor fails, a temperature of -70°C is still maintained, which is sufficient for many applications.

ColdFAST S series
The ColdFAST S-Series freezers set a new standard in energy efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to their dual-cascade cooling system with 2 compressors, they offer impressive energy savings. These ultra-low temperature freezers cover a wide temperature range, from room temperature to -40°C and from -40°C to -86°C. With a 10-inch display and an innovative refrigerant system that uses propane (high stage) and ethane (low stage), they allow precise cooling conditions for different requirements. The S-Series is the best choice for research labs that want maximum flexibility and efficiency.

  • High energy efficiency: The S-Series features high energy savings, which can reduce costs in the long term.
  • Wide temperature range: With a temperature range from room temperature to -40°C and from -40°C to -86°C, it offers greater flexibility for various applications.
  • Larger display: With a 10-inch display, the S Series offers a more user-friendly display and more control over settings.