Quality that counts

The conscientious observance of the best laboratory practices and the constant control of the raw materials and the production processes guarantee the high level of our CARLO ERBA reagents quality. Specialized staff and advanced technology make the quality control laboratories the ideal solution for every need - whether internally or from customers. Each of our production facilities has its own quality control laboratory.

Control of raw materials at every stage of the production process and packaging

International (Ph. Eur., ACS, ISO, USP, ..) internally and externally

GC (FID, ECD, MS), HPLC, UV, IR spectroscopy, KF, potentiometry and mass spectrophotometer

  • Specification management
  • Update of specifications
  • Supplier audit
  • Complaint management

Certificates of Analysis

Each product is delivered with a batch-specific analysis certificate.

These can also be requested from us by e-mail, stating the product and batch number that are specified on the product label.
Or put your query in the website-form here.

Information in the certificate of analysis

  • Product name and product status (for the ERBApharm® product line, the identification codes of the pharmacopoeia, according to which the product is guaranteed, are issued)
  • CARLO ERBA identification codes that enable the traceability of all data relating to production, testing and packaging
  • Product specifications with indication of tolerance limits
  • Analysis release date
  • Sampling method
  • Materials used for analysis
  • Batch expiration date

The values ​​given in the certificate of analysis are determined using the most modern analysis techniques, with reference to international methods and using the best standards for device calibration.

Expiration Date - Chemicals

CARLO ERBA Reagents gives an expiry date for all catalog products. The expiry date is always printed on the label and indicates the month and year. The indication of the expiry date applies to the products that are kept in sealed packaging and properly stored as recommended in the safety data sheet. After opening, we recommend that you use the product as soon as possible, according to the expiry date.

CARLO ERBA Reagents does not supply any products with a remaining term of less than 6 months with a term of more than 1 year. Likewise, our company does not supply any products with a remaining term of less than 3 months for products whose term is less than or equal to one year.