Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer
Smart Frequency Series -86°C

The HAIER ULT freezer delivers what it promises. Above all, it reliably maintains its lowest temperature. That's why it is specially designed for long-term storage of various biological products including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leukocytes and cuttis. According to this property, it is used in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention centres and research institutes as well as in laboratories of the electronics and chemical industries and in institutes for biotechnology and deepsea fishing.

  • Multiple door seals with VIP+ hybrid insulation reduce the loss of cold air in the compartments. There is little effect on compartment temperatures when a compartment is opened during normal operation.
  • Fast reopening of doors through vacuum release
  • User-friendly touch display
  • Highly efficient and highly reliable cooling fans allow energy savings and safety during long-term storage (by means of temperature control at the compressors).
  • Multiple alarm functions including over-temperature alarm, under-temperature alarm, sensor fault, battery discharge, high ambient temperature, power failure, etc. ensure product and equipment safety.
  • Best recovery time on the market
  • Casing made of painted sheet steel

Control system

Reliable performance

  • The temperature inside the cooling chamber can reach up to -86°C with uniformity within 5°C
  • Wide range of operational voltage from 200V to 260V ­which   allows operating the units even in areas of poor electric supply 

Temperature / Cooling system

  • Microprocessor control system, control range from -40°C to -86°C in increments of 1°C
  • Deep freeze system designed and manufactured under best known practice with components of highest possible quality

Ventilation technique by EBM Papst

  • Reliability test carried out and passed on all models, including ageing test of the control electronics at 85°C and 85% relative humidity
  • Special design of the control system for a well balanced cascade cooling system

Protection devices

  • UL and CE certified for safety in use
  • USB interface for downloading temperature data
  • Safety padlock at the outer door
  • Operable at ambient temperature from 10°C to 32°C
  • Input voltage and ambient temperature are displayed simultaneously to ease supervision of ambient conditions
  • Lockable door handle and/or individual key to avoid that other people, also having a deep freezer, can have access to your valuable samples. Furthermore there is space for an additional padlock for extra safety.
  • CO2 safety system including control, alarm backup and CO2 valve


  • 20 years: VIP+ insulation
  • 6 years: compressor (in combination with a maintenance contract)


  • 72h-Battery-Back-Up: Accu-buffering for printer and microprocessor with touch-screen
  • Stainless Steel hinge: Massive hinges on the doors
  • Reindorced removable shelves: For maximum weight loading; adjustable in height
  • PT 100 temperature sensor: In stainless steel housing
  • Remote-alarm: Connection to the GLT in place
  • USB-Interface
  • Vacuum-Release: Port to vacuum drain
  • Prefilter: Simple to exchange


  • Circular paper disk printer: For temperature, fix installed in the control board. As standard equipped with power supply for permanent operation by battery (independent from mains). The removable circular printer paper disks are for 24 hours or 7 days. The actual temperature is written onto the diagram paper by a black felt-tip pen. The temperature is measured inside the chamber.
  • Storage Racks: Optional, ergonomic designed racks for easy storage; In different sizes available
  • Box
  • CO2-Backup System
Model Type DW-86L579BPT DW-86L729BPT DW-86L829BPT DW-86L959BPT
Cooling performance (°C) -86 -86 -86 -86
Temp. range (°C) -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86
Power supply (V/Hz) 100-230/50/60 100-230/50/60 100-230/50/60 100-230/50/60
Power (A) 6 6 6 7
Capacity (l/cft) 579/20,4 729/25,7 829/29,2 959/33,9
Net/ gross weight (approx.) (kg) 325/355 350/385 380/415 450/485
Inner dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 620 x 716 x 1310 766 x 716 x 1310 870 x 716 x 1310 1016 x 716 x 1310
Outer dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 895 x 998 x 1980 1046 x 998 x 1980 1145 x 998 x 1980 1296 x 998 x 1980