Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer

Discover the HW Series ultra deep freezers - the ultimate solution for your demanding freezing requirements. Our chest freezers not only offer generous storage space, but also impressive performance that preserves your products safely and reliably.

The HW series is equipped with innovative technology that ensures even cooling and thus preserves the quality of your products. Thanks to their efficient insulation and robust construction, you can rest assured that your valuable contents are optimally protected, even under extreme conditions.

Our HW series ultra deep freezers are available in different sizes to meet your individual requirements. Whether you're looking for a compact solution for limited spaces or a spacious chest for large stockpiles, we have the right option for you.

Rely on the HW range to store your frozen products safely and securely. Contact us today to find out more about our products and find the ideal solution for your requirements.

If you require further information, please download the data sheet or contact us directly!

Model Type HW138 HW328 HW668
Cooling performance (°C) -86 -86 -86
Temp. range (°C) -40 – -86 -40 – -86 -40 – -86
Power supply (V/Hz) 200-240/50 200-240/50 220-240/50
Power (W) 940 960 1660
Electricity (A) 5,78 5,6 9,5
Power consumption (KWh/24h) 6,5 9,6 15,1
Volume (Db(A)) 56,7 54,4 56,1
Capacity(l) 138 328 668
Net/gross weight (ca.) (kg) 200/262 280/370 352/495
Inner dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 490 x 470 x 582 1200 x 470 x 582 1200 x 815 x 666
Outer dimensions (B×T×H, mm) 1328 x 890 x 1025 2038 x 780 x 1025 2008 x 1180 x 1041