CARLO ERBA Reagents is specialised in clean air and containment facilities for healthcare, research laboratories, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, everywhere in fact where HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter systems are used to provide a particle-free environment for critical work, or to contain contamination generated by the work within a defined area, or both.


Our microbiological safety cabinets are widely used in pathology, microbiology and haematology laboratories to give protection against infection to technicians working with biopsy specimens, blood,
sputum etc.

For many years we have been distributing isolators for hospital pharmacy, where medicines are mixed and prepared for patients. Such medicines must be free of microbiological and particulate contamination. The work itself is carried out in FASTER isolators (gloveboxes). These can be positive pressure, where the predominant requirement is for product protection, or negative pressure, where technicians require additional protection from potential contamination by cytotoxic drugs of unknown toxicity. Lead-lined isolators are used for handling radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine.

Research laboratories

There are numerous applications in research that require clean air or containment or both. FASTER's unique ultra-safe double-filtered Class II microbiological safety cabinets, which are now available with by-pass exhaust systems, are to be found in cancer research laboratories around the world. Class III microbiological safety cabinets are specified wherever research is being carried out into highly infectious diseases, including in military establishments engaged in chemical and biological defence. Research activities in many fields require air that is virtually free of particles. For these applications FASTER has a range of horizontal and vertical unidirectional airflow cabinets and enclosures. Other research activities require controlled atmospheres, which may be low oxygen, or low relative humidity, or both. For these activities, we at CARLO ERBA Reagents can provide specialised controlled atmosphere isolators (gloveboxes).


At CARLO ERBA Reagents we offer specialised isolators in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and plastics, to enclose or link with bioreactors and other equipment used in biotechnology. Our complete range of standard Class I, II and III microbiological safety cabinets, with larger versions to house robotic samplers, is also available for this market.